Favorites II

Nomi Baumgartl | Axel Beyer | Thomas Heinser | Hanno Kübler | Oliver Lieber | Carsten Rennecke | Steffen Ulbrich

Part 1 November 20 – December 12 2020

Part 2 March 3 – March 27 2021

Part 3 from reopening – May 22 2021

The exhibition deals with nature and architecture photography, blended into predominantly abstract, artificial-looking worlds. Here, the photographers show a playful approach to a medium that is actually described as a “reflection of reality “.

Staging Thomas Heinser’saerial photographs, these images of the salt basins in San Francisco Bay look like abstract paintings. The distanced bird’s eye view creates an abstract aesthetic of the very real and poignant violation of the landscape.

Silent Snow II by Nomi Baumgartl, aufgenommen 2016,taken in 2016, is from her Zen series. Although the shot has a Japanese feel, it was taken at Lake Eibsee in Bavaria, just below the Zugspitze.

Carsten Renneckes mysterious macro worlds do not reveal their nature. Instead, the viewer can let his imagination run wild.

At first glance Hanno Kübler’s photo collages look like abstract windows. Behind the structures, the color gradations, the play of light and shadow, however, are very concrete landscape segments.



Selected Works