Steffen Ulbrich

In his typical visual language, Steffen Ulbrich favors capturing the deserted beaches of the North Sea and Baltic Sea islands: precisely composed images with multi-layered color surfaces in a serene atmosphere, as well as dreamy, delicate wafts of mist or the promising light of a sunrise.


Photographed standstill of the time. Movement stands still. Time has no end. A moment lasts forever. Animation becomes abstraction. The color remains. Timeless moments of tranquility.

Steffen Ulbrich

The works develop spontaneously, carry a clear, abstract visual language and are reduced in their essence to their naturalness in a stunning way. The result is a striking moment of motionless, static-looking images that surprise precisely because of their minimalism, captivating aesthetics, and compositional balance.

Steffen Ulbrich, a surgeon, and general practitioner is self-taught photographer and produces the prints himself. Printing is done on high-quality Hahnemühle photo board with light-resistant inks.

Portrait 3 - Hanno Kübler


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