Thomas Heinser


Thomas Heinser’s photographs of California do not show the typical postcard idyll. In the projects Overview and Tides he photographs Californian landscapes from above and thus impressively documents the intrusion of man into nature. Industry, drought, and fire are triggers of the large-scale effects of climate change. The distanced bird’s eye view creates an abstract aesthetic of the very real and poignant violation of the landscape. “Look what we’re doing to our earth!”

“Now the macro and micro worlds come together through the gaze of a photographer to gain the creative overview. And so an intertwining of divine creation with human design is revealed in a pattern.”

Katya Petrovskaya FAZ 20.10.2017


Portrait 3 - Hanno Kübler


Selected Works


Born in 1958 in Dinslaken. Studied at the Düsseldorf Art Academy under the guidance of Joseph Beuys and student of Alfred Grimm. Since 1985 in San Francisco working as a freelance photographer in the automotive and aviation industry.

Exhibitions (selection)

Reduziert – 2016 Gallery 16 San Francisco, California

Gezeiten – 2017 Museum Voswinckelhof Dinslaken

Art Karlsruhe Kunstmesse – 2018 Galerie VisuleX

Salz und Asche – 2019 Der Raum Düsseldorf

Positions Berlin Art Fair2020 Galerie VisuleX

Favorites II Gruppenaustellung – 2020/21 Galerie VisuleX Hamburg