Carsten Rennecke


Macro Worlds –

In his series Macro Worlds, he builds small stages of glass, paper, textile, or plastics and creates new worlds which he explores through the macro lens. Objects are assembled, slides are layered, movement is built-in, lights are set. The photographer travels through these elaborate still lifes the size of a palm with his camera. No digital processing is used.

The works are located in border areas. Abstraction and figuration meet. Unconscious and conscious blur into each other. If these microcosms are then brought to the wall in large format, they begin to live and develop their fascination with the interplay of light and color.

Not only the creation of the photographs but also the viewing of them becomes a great pleasure.


Portrait 3 - Hanno Kübler


Selected works


 Lives and works in Wismar as a free photographer, graphic designer, and musician

Exhibitions and art fairs (excerpt)

Abstrakte Welten – 2017  VisuleX, Hamburg

AAF Hamburg – 2019

Group exhibition Favorites II – 2020  VisuleX, Hamburg


Selected products