Abstract Worlds

Hanno Kübler | Carsten Rennecke

June 2-24 2017

Abstract Worlds – a photo exhibition that combines two styles, inviting you to look closely and discover fascinating new worlds. Behind the structures, the color gradations, the play of light and shadow are very real landscape sections, as in the work of Hanno Kübler, or small worlds in the work of Carsten Rennecke, which the viewer can explore.

“You have found an interesting and fine combination with the two photo artists, very accomplished!”
Dr. Dorothea Ritter


Landscape2 – Photo Collages Hanno Kübler

Hanno Kübler traces structures in the landscape with the camera to destroy them again. The photographs are cut up and kaleidoscopically reassembled in geometric designs. Through rearrangement and transformation, a realistic template becomes the mysterious puzzle work, in which our eyes go on a voyage of discovery and learn to see the familiar world anew…

Macro Worlds – Carsten Rennecke

Carsten Rennecke builds small stages, combining materials such as glass, paper, textile, or plastics, and thus creates small new worlds that he explores with the macro lens. Abstraction and representationalism meet. If these microcosms are then brought to the wall in large format, they begin to live and develop their appeal in the interplay of light and color.



Vernissage Impressions



Selected Works

Hanno Kübler

Carsten Rennecke